Tobi in Vortex


Hey. So Tobi was interviewed by Vortex game journalists. He spoke about his teenage years and expanding of WHS about 50 more people and moving elsewhere since they do not have enough capacity in the current place. The DLCs were planned but started to be created upon succeeding KCD. Martin Fryvaldsky arranged the publisher Deep Silver.

Tomorrow, there will be coming soon site on Steam, so check it out. Band of Bastards will probably be released in first week of February with about 8€ price tag. BoB will last for about 5 hours.


@TobiTobsen That beard just Keeps getting more and more glorious.


… I am just keep getting more and more glorious! :smiley:


Don’t let Gillette know about that beard though. Its too glorious to risk.


are you going to go ZZ Top or are you going to keep the glorious/distinguished Victorian age beard?


Band of Bastards - Release date


yeah, the bastards are finally coming to town!!

got me thinking (oh no pls don’t) about the following tweet by Daniel. if you’re upfront (ie, they’re bastards… expectations set accordingly), you can get by with more controversy. you do away with (much of) the pretense of honor and saintly moral rectitude. one of the reasons i love Miller Peshek so much (he’s upfront about it; flawed bastard that he is), and wish he had a larger role than he does.


My advice to Mr. Vavra is: FARG 'EM!

The people who will find attention to historical details “controversial” are never going to appreciate the vision you have for good gameplay anyway: which is to create a fun game that strives for as much historical accuracy as possible. The “Controversy” may well help sell units to those who would have taken an interest in the vision from the outset. So as long as your product is not actually unseemly or downright “in bad taste” (and there are apparently games that sink that low, see video below . . .), just make the game’s you want to make! And oh yeah, include a third person camera option next time! :smiley:


at some point, i could imagine some faction will be treated in a way that bothers some beyond the usual suspects (SJWs). such is the nature of history that frickin medieval disputes still undermine some current relations [eg Dokdo(Korea) vs Takeshima (Japan)]. won’t be able to please everyone. and, standing in the middle can be an unforgiving and damnable place (eg how does one tell the story of the 30 yrs war from the ‘middle’).

not an accident that TaleWorlds has picked historically inspired but not situated factions for M&B