Tokens and permanent perks

I see several attempts to stop players become filthy rich and over equiped too early in the game. Is there any way to add a permanent perk system like fallout does when you perform certain actions?
Like old fallout games if you kill a kid you get the infamous child-killer perk if you digging up graves you get the grave robber perk. here both can permanently destroy reputation too so it couldn’t be higher than a certain level because people heard the rumor. But sometimes the negative perk without any effect is enough to hold many players back to do a certain action. Also, the gear you take from a dead body can have a token like stinks or haunted or unfit…etc and have lower stats because Henry just don’t feel he earned it (or it can be take out with certain perk if you go in the crime path). so you will have more reason to earn or buy your gear.