Too Low FPS


I have a bad PC but 25 FPS? Come on… Anyone know any way to improve FPS for a computer like mine? (My computer is about 3 or 10 years old maybe I forgot)


25fps is fine for a shit PC. what were you expecting lol


@KCD_Killa 30 FPS, but when I ment 25 FPS I ment at best. In 1 on 1’s, 19. More then 4 people on screen 15-16, major battle or over 8 folks+ (including dead folks) 4-9 (also including horses


Well I can try to help,may not work with really old PC,but your search skills suck or you did not even try lol


Sounds like if you want better FPS sorry to suggest; time to upgrade. At least to a one year old system.
I had a quad core 4 thread Athlon X4 and 16 gig DDR 3 ram best I ever got in an open empty area was 35 FPS and 25ish in forest. big battles and parts of towns: 5-11FPS at medium and low settings… Now recently upgraded to a Ryzen 7 2700 w/ ddr 4 (same memory amount as before). 47-75 FPS, 30 at worst at very high and ultra for objects… 100+ on fast travel.


nice troll…



Not really trolling :confused: , also, I’m looking for any mods or remedies since I don’t eeally have money for a serious PC upgrade. Also, thx alot !! Gerard!


Why would you even try the most demanding game on 10 year old PC. Do you want it to burn? Use this sites for comparing your system to games or similar hardware.


Soz, I really like the game and want to enjoy it…


Hi, since you are looking for mods please try this one :
There is several .cfg files ; you’ll need only one.


But beware at Buy or upgrading!
Everything which is recommend here can give you a complete different fps Result.
Building exactly the same PC means not the same smoothness or performance.


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