Too much money

after some play , I have a ridiculous amount of money
it make getting good gear and horses equipment way too easy
any way to recalibrate the prices?


Hardcore mode is supposed to balance it abit. I still think you amass a ridicilous amount almost as fast as on normal mode though.

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tbh it doesnt matter in the slightest how much money you have because there is nothing in the game that cannot be acquired for free

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In my current hardcore playthrough, I impose myself some rules that make it harder and I sometime find myself out of money:

1- No stealing except for the millers quest and otherwise unavailable item, such as kunesh’s skill book. (I still pick all chest I can find just to grind stealth)

2- No treasure hunting but for playing dice and otherwise unavailable skills books. Leave all the rest in the treasure trunk.

3- No haggling when selling or buying stuff.

4- Buy all treasure maps and books for your collection.
(Never steal of take free books on some shelves)

5- No selling of herbs and potions, nor game meat, outside of specific quests.

6- pay full price for all training offered around, even if you don’t need that particular training (maintenance comes to mind)

Also, I find the new interdiction on mounting your horse while overburdened help in reducing exaggerated looting.

I also use the « south bohemian craft and trade » mod for larger inventories from trader, tailor, swordsmith, armorsmith. That means I can pay groshens for otherwise free items usually found in treasures (st George sword, Nurembergian cuirass, etc.)

While being less rich, I find the game more immersive that way.



get the DLC “from the ashes” great way to drop coin. I hope there will be more some day like that

if you don’t like to have too much money then don’t harvest them … I have some house rules for myself that I follow and I actually have lesser money that I’d spend … this rant is ridiculous


I have 454K+ Groschen. Shooting for a million. Then I’ll walk up to Capon and say, “Hey, I can own you buddy!”

Or maybe the game will freak out…


I have around hundreds (or low thousands) … I simply don’t collect and sell things because I always try to roleplay the game and one of my house rules is `no armors in pocket’ for exemple so I am taking (and selling) only small things like chalices or jewels and nothing more including weapons (mostly)

I’m kind of weird that way. I play all sorts of games and numbers really interest me. I played World of Warcraft just to make as much money in game as possible. I like other stats as well, and obsess over stats in games I play on PS4 or computer that involve sports.

I don’t know why that is. Oh, and just shattered my record with a take. I just sold 180K of equipment. I’m up to 642K Groshen now, because well, I sold 13K of weapons. Sometimes i think I’m just wasting time, but to me it is just as fulfilling as doing quests for 150 groshen. Maybe even more so. Plus, someone said on another thread that they had about 450K of groschen and I wanted to beat that.


Well, I only play my games for fun.

I think this is not a good idea. Why? Because it does not take long to complete the game, nor the DLCs. So it would end up thht you just play longer to “grind” for the money. And grinding is one of the most boring and unpopular things in RPG’s (JRPG’s suffer a A LOT from it!)

see if you can beat my 1.4 million

I got 4.7 million… sorry
It was too easy but fun nevertheless

Dammit, now you guys are taunting me. Ok. Here we go!

Yeh , the quest rewards are pathetic , who need a couple of hundreds when you can score a few thousands from armors
the rewards should be advancement , traits or cool item

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@ jeaguer You are trolling right? So because YOU dont like making money,… nobody else should be allowed to do so. Wow thats pathetic and egotistical.


It does seem easy after a while, but that first 300-400 groschen seems like it takes forever! (Which means about 1-2 hours at most.)

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I quite like having money , it’s just that once you are set with a good equipped horse and fighting gear ,
I become totally unimportant
Trolling ?? moi !

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instead of making money hard to get they should make money valuable by increasing the amount needed to buy things by 200+% and removing heavy armour from treasure chests
imagine the only way to get the nuremburgian cuirass was to buy it from an armoursmith at 50k groschen asking price or steal it from a lvl 15 VH lockpick chest

If on PC, you can achieve this by forbidding youself to loot treasure and using the ‘‘South bohemian craft and trade’’ mod. With this mod, you can buy(at a high price) all armor, weapon and piece of clothing available in the game. Treasures are still there, but you can simply refuse to loot them :slight_smile: