Torches in rattay

Has anyone else fast traveled an not had a torch out an get arrested ir fined for it in rattay?

Well that’s a law in most of the cities in the game. Fast traveling isn’t an exception.

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I’ll have to remember to get my torch out if its close to dark when I fast travel in the future. Just threw me off when it happened bc I’m just starting out, I’m struggling in uzhitz with lubosh’s murder.

Anyone had it in rattay when you go to sleep in the room your given and you get woke up in the middle of the night by a guard trying to arrest you for not having a torch on. I found it both funny and annoying at the same time

the guard might have seen you before without a torch and it just took him some time to catch up with you ) and yes that could take some time :wink: )

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I was once standing in the room, door open, without a torch and a guard fined me… then locked the door behind him.

I had a gaurd do the same thing when fast traveling but he took my money then attacked me. I killed him and dumped the body in the river. I’ve had probably 1000 glitches or bugs so far

Iv not had very many glitches but the occasional slight lag to crouch an use the UI

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I find it more annoying that there is alway so many villagers who ignore it, walk around withou torches and nobody cares!