Total average playtime of the game?

The main questline took me around 60 - 65 hours to complete, but doing all the side activities, hunting treasure, and killin’ bandits I’ve racked up a total of 350+ hours on this game. It is amazing.

That is great! I am now around 120h and still didn’t kill Runt. Now just wandering, hunting, training, killing bandits and doing some side quests.
Also found some really nice easter eggs and interesting places - the game really is amazing.

I do not want to rush the game, however I can’t because of bugs :slight_smile: then again I’m at the 100 hour mark, and found out that I really enjoy hunting doe’s because they are really difficult to get. The woods are not very dangerous, should be more danger inside them, like noble hunting parties you should avoid or something that gives you a challenges.

As it is now, with a Henry that is OP in everything you can’t be beaten unless they are 6 or more NPCs.

If you like to grind you can drag it on a while. But I think (past a certain part in the game) you just run out of things to do. I think they should add bandit radiant quests. I do think Skyrim had more quests but they were the same stuff. Mods is what keeps it alive now.

You can get a lot of hours off this game. It’s not comparable to skyrim as far as content goes and it just might be roughly comparable to the witcher but it doesn’t really need to be. For it’s own game, it has enough content to be satisfying.

I personally like the game but I simply don’t think there are enough contents to even becoming close to competing with Witcher 3 considering all the 3 DLC witcher has and one of them is almost a game size DLC and this game has no DLC at least not yet.

even without the DLC still, the base game of witcher has more contents than this game.

For everyone who is at 100 hours+, how is your lag and how much worse has it gotten over time? What platform are you on?

Personally I noticed that the lag really became unavoidable at around 50 hours, at which point it got gradually worse up to the 100 hour mark where I finally decided that it had beaten me as it was almost unplayable. I’m playing on xbox one too, which means I can’t exactly sacrifice graphical performance to try and finish the game.

At the rate I am playing, the game will probably have a good 300 hours before I’m struggling to find things to do. But I don’t like to think how bad the lag will be if I tough it out to try and finish it. So, sadly I am waiting for a fix. I paid full price for this game and I was excited for it’s release, I’ll be damned if I don’t get my 300 hour RPG experience that I anticipated.

103h finished the main storyline, have been playing side quests and freeplaying but missed a lot of content as well

Lag isn’t worse but instability is. Instability happens once get more than 10 save files. Pop-ins/texture lag persists. It hasn’t gotten worse. Just distracting and mostly a Rattay issue

Getting close to 400h on vanilla PS4

Yeah I’m with you on that too, that’s why i said it skeptically. Still, this game isn’t finished yet and there’s still another act for the main story that’s supposed to be released in this game so maybe with that it will come closer.

Not sure of the value to be derived from comparing a rushed maiden product that nobody wanted to publish to a 5th gen title (Skyrim) and a 3rd gen title (Witcher 3).

KCD either stands on it own or doesn’t. Because I’ve made it to Erik quest (die is cast), have +1500 enemy kills, 800k groschen, and approaching 400h of gameplay, I have to say it stands on very solid ground as a enemy hunting game. The main quest line is interesting and shows much promise, but it’s a work in progress (since can’t proceed).

If WH were to stop development on KCD now, I’m not sure if I’d buy another title of theirs. WH hasn’t stopped and that matters. Final adjudication awaits full DLC rollout and more bug fixing

I didn’t consider that the save files could have something to do with it. My theory was an abundance of items in the game (guards seem to drop Halberds on the floor over and over again). I might try deleting some saved games and see what happens.

Almost 365 hours on PS4, finished game and most sidequests.

Over time lag didn’t appear for me, but the textures got noticeably worse at times or every time I saw them (i.e. the rain looks like something from Minecraft, and the rock textures sometimes look like someone tried to draw on them with crayons). Other than that, nothing else much. The lag might be something to do with the Xbox or just that you don’t have that much storage left. (Keep in mind that I’m not a tech guru, these are just speculations and what I think could be it. If not, sorry!)

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funny you say that , im at

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Got rid of all my 100+ old saves so that only one was remaining. No impact on lag, I remain convinced it’s caused by too many items in the world.