Total average playtime of the game?

what u think guys how long will it take to complete the game? is it comparable to witcher or skyrim?

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Well in the last interview Tobi said the playtime should be about dozens hours of gameplay.

That always depends on the player. For many players that only like doing the story line, might get it done in 30 hours or so, but for a completionist such as myself, it will be closer to 300 hours.


I expect around 100h for average player

30h is way to low for the average player, even if you focus on the story.
Our tests now show that we underestimated the average playtime of the game. It is longer than we expected.


That’s music to my ears DrFusselpulli! :musical_note::notes::musical_score: Great to hear!


A different but same question. How many Percent of the main story are covered after the death of runt at przybyslawice?

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i just beat the game after 100 hours. did every side quest and saved up a ton of money in the begiining (that i never used)

What about saying SPOILER ALERT ??? Dumb…

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Spent 300h (1k dead enemies) and not done with

minor spoiler

die is cast (Erik not in Vranik bug)

The way I play, I’ll probably spend 400 hours+ in the game, this is typically the kind of game not to be rushed.


Dude! This information was public knowledge from time of the beta as well as from many conventions!

Lmao…come on…this was more than obvious!!!

There were no Chrome Plates Armore in the Middle Age. No tuning options no airbrush and nothing to pimp.

That post related to an interview done days before the releasing date, and nobody except the devs knew how long exactly the game would take in order to finish it.

I realize myself too that “dozen of hours” is nowhere near close to my actual playtime which is way higher.

I’m 140 hours in and have yet lots of side quests and story missions to beat. I like to go slowly and role play in these RPGs, so i can see myself playing for 100 extra hours.

That said, i think that the game is not prepared for people like me who wants to keep playing. After 60 or so hours, the game turned too easy. Money is too easy to get, good stuff is not expensive enough, bandits are too easy to kill, etc.


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Invading armies and bandits didn’t respawn in RL too

No fast run has been published yet?
I think that 20h is the minimum limit, but I’m rather a beginner myself.

If you want to weed every garden, and steal everything for every old whore, and engage in some elaborate plan to steal 1k when you have 50k you’ll never spend, then it can take hundreds of hours. If you speed through it all, under 20hrs.

I would say most people would finish it in 30-50hrs, but I also expect a lot of people will have to repeat a lot of what they’ve already done because of crashes and bugs.