Tournament counter-attack

Hi all,
I am just trying to successfully compete in Rattay tournament. Unfortunately when fighting second and third opponents this really annoying thing often happens. When I am going for an attack the opponent responds with strong counterattack resulting in lose of over third of my health, damage of my head and often bleeding. The rest of the combat seems balanced and fun to do, but this really annoys me… there does not seems to be any defense against this (no “perfect block option” you just get hit) and since it is so strong, you just go with “hope that that does not happen approach” since if the opponent does this counter-attack, you are in very heavy disadvantage that makes it almost impossible to win the round, if the opponent does this twice, it is basically insta-lose. It does not happen “that” often (every other round give or take) so you have rounds without this OP-attack, but since is so random and so devastating, it is not challenging… just annoying.

Am I missing something?

Can’t get your point. Tournament duels are similar to regular (normal) fights with a single exception - on 2nd and 3rd matches of the Best of Three series (Bo3) the weapon are chosen by Herald. The combat mechanics are unchanged.
You’re missing the combat tactics as you said:

It doesn’t work this way in KC:D. You DON’T need to attack your opponent first. It’s unsafe and unreliable. You have to COUNTER attack with master strike or initiate the fight with clinch. Plain strikes are viable only against low-skilled opponents or if your opponent lost his stamina / balance.

Also, you can’t block (including perfect blocking), dodge or counter attack enemy’s master strike.

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Thanks for your reply! It makes sense now. As of yet I have not heard about “Master Strikes” yet, so it all seemed like same kind of bug-ish behavior to me as I have no idea that something like that even exists. Now that I googled what it is, it makes sense.

Master strike city. Unfortunately, they make combat kind of broken. Either you master strike them and then smack them when they’re defenseless, or they’ll do it to you.

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Yep. Using master strike you are able to kill anyone being completely naked without getting a single hit.

If you dont know “Master Strikes” than you haven´t trained enough with Bernard.

You can always go first if you pick the moment, make them move ,ideally make them run or wait until there switching guard, then switch your guard an a attack.
Never attack while both there feet are on the ground and guard ready, always be moving make them move. then attack.
Do that and you will not get a master strike.