Tracking number

I’m still waiting for tracking number to appear on my profile page. Still no reply from support. I messaged them on 17th of feb. and they are silent. Are they that overwhelmed?

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@DrFusselpulli Please respond. I’m tired of these silence from support and also here is also nobody care to answer.

The track number was not received. Have not got a package. Soon end of the month… :frowning:

No tracking number for me as of this post. Wondering if they decided I didn’t want it after all the trouble I went through to get a copy of the game itself. Has anyone from the Staff seen this yet?

Well… Support still ignoring me. @DrFusselpulli also didn’t respond to my PM. I don’t know what to say anymore. Even bad news will be better than no response at all… I think some people are not that important

Sorry, first time to see your thread. Your message is probably gotten lost among a lot of other PMs which I didn´t had time to answer yet, probably the same case for the email. I can´t check about the status of you package right now. If you are from russia, then the reason is, that we send 3 packages as a test with czech post to russia, and we want to see if they arrive, before we want to send all the other ones. DHL refuses to deliver to Russia unfortunately.

I know @Strannick is from russia, and I need to check about the delivery status of the PO-Box packages for @Night1505 I can´t do this during the weekend unfortunately.

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Ah… Ok then… Yeah, I’m from Russia. If so I will gladly wait a little bit longer. Thanks for answering!

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I checked your profile. Yes, as you are from russia, we are still waiting for the feedback of the test packages, if they came through with Czech post. Sorry about the delay.

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I hope it will be soon. And also, does deadline to the end of March affect us? Will be grateful if you keep us informed, @DrFusselpulli. Thanks!

I hope you sent test packages not to Vladivostok. Week is more than enough for delivery to the central part from Europe.

@DrFusselpulli What’s the latest news on parcels?

So, now an invoice appeared at my profile page. No tracking number still in it. Will wait till monday, because invoice date is from the future (19th of March)

Weight brutto: 2
Weight netto: 1,8
Disks. What about sword?

And… Now I have TWO absolutly identical invoices in my profile page and still no tracking number… It’s just ridiculous…

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Weekly bump. Where is my sword?

Send send out the emails with the tracking numbers. The packages are on thier way. Sorry about the very long delay.

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Gut. Is this track number on discs and on a sword?

Not Karpunkov. I hope there will be no problems.

What is a Karpunov, please?

His last name is Karpunkov not Karpunov. It probably post workers fails. They misspell names sometimes in tracking infos. As long as address and receiver name written right, it’s not affect the delivery, don’t worry @Grubocap

@DrFusselpulli Thanks for hard work. Also thanks for personal email. Pleasure to read it on native language.
I totally understand of how many people work with community requests and the total amount of unsolved users problems. Maybe creating of the ticket system will be more useful for both of us and WHS in future.

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We have a ticket system, but there are enough exceptions where people contact us on different ways. Like people calling my private phone, or asking on my private Steam account for help. Makes it very difficult to resolve the requests in a systematic way.