Traders money reset?

The butcher in rattay is who I have been selling all my hunting meat to to make money. At one point she had 11g. I went back to her today and she only had 200. I then went around to other merchants and they also had way lower amounts than they use to. Did the game reset the merchants wealth??? It’s frustrating because I dont see how a trader goes from 11,000 in wealth to 200 in a day??? Please someone explain how this works

Maybe he made a depot to a bank in Prague. Maybe he paid some debt, or bought another house for renting and climb the social ladder or simply bought the stock of Sylvian red wine from Sir Hanush for a party?

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seriously tho, does that happen? if so then it means the vendors will have the inflated money for a while before getting reset to default when the reset time happens. then there’s no point making them rich other than reputation. I should just sell to Peshek and steal the money back when he sells all my loot

I never saw any reseting, if that exists i think its a bug. All tho who knows if that merchenary just got robbed :wink: What i did see, was that if you rob some shop, they will not be getting any more money.

Well, the merchants will be set to default after several ingame days with no visit. Have not checked yet after upgrading to 16 GB RAM

So there’s no point making them rich. It seems you can’t sop selling to them or they will revert to the poor default wealth. Isn’t it beter then to sell everything to peshek and steal his money he gets selling my stuff? Have you tested that merchants return to default? Please let me know