Training dummies

Are there gonna be training dummies in the final game to train combo’s on?

I have a lot of problems getting my combo’s right, especially the timing and from what I’ve read a lot of people have difficulty with it.
On the training field it’s difficult to master since half the time you’re blocked, parried, evaded or after prolonged training the fps drops so low you’re unable to time anything.
So I would like to see training dummies to train combo’s without having to worry about blocks, parries or evasions.

Or an combo training function in the training field just like training fight but then without an npc trying to defeat you.

After some practice I can do 2 simple combos reliably (not 100% tho), but I do not see asny benefits from them at the moment, they are purely eye-candy.

Start all your combos with extra stab at the beginning and you won’t have any issue with them :slight_smile:

Well, after approx 30 hours (beta + alpha) I decided that combos are waste of time :smiley:

##* Bash them till they stand!! *


They ARE a waste of time, they have no purpose.

Combos do more damage and the last “fancy strike” is unavoidable - cannot be blocked, dodged or parried.
So it’s a guaranteed hit with potential special effects like stun, bleed, disarm(!) etc. (As of now, just damage, however it can be delivered to areas that are not that easy to hit with regular strikes, like a forehead. And there is one throw to the ground, which usually means death because the AI is really not too ready to behave smartly in the dirt. Poor AI.)

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I think just a few around the world would be really useful, I can’t seem to execute any combos so some practice would be ace

I had to create a save point standing in front of Bernard, by his fighting pit of pain. Then I kept going back to that save point in order to grind up MY skills with the combos. When I got comfortable, I then went back to my regular set of game saves. This let me grind my skills without artificially grinding up Henry’s skills. It took me a few hours, maybe, of working with Bernard before i got used to the timing and mouse movements.

And if you are interested in using the combos, I recommend avoiding the named weapons (they deal too much damage) and I recommend postponing the acquisition of “master strikes”, which also will deal too much damage. If you are dealing too much damage, your opponents will die before you get a chance to combo them.

Nice tip, thanks

Enjoy exercising.

I have a suspicion that Captain Bernard complained that HE needed a training dummy.

And so. . . Enter Henry stage right.

I second the OP’s request for a means to practice combos but I would prefer a more specific implementation. (See below.)

I have never been able to deliberately complete a combo. The Warfare perk “Chain Strike” will let me see when I have enacted some portion of a combo sequence but it is almost always by accident. Enemies die or become debilitated too quickly for me to get much practice out of them and they are too few and far between.

Bernard would make for a perfect training dummy except for one thing: he is too defensive. He is always on the lookout for me doing anything even slightly fancy or ambitious, then immediately punishes me with an interrupting attack or a master strike riposte. I can get the timing, I can get the speed, but he just refuses to let me witness the whole flow of combo swings from start to finish.
~ ~ My request, then, is for Bernard to have two training modes: the Normal mode he has now where he is very defensive to the point where a fight may last indefinitely, and a new Easy mode where he is less defensive (ie. does not attempt to interrupt or riposte you) so you can get a sense for the flow of mouse movements necessary to enact a combo sequence.

This may be a segue to a larger discussion (or at least my ranty 2 cents to the devs) but the reason I have never been able to deliberately do a combo is because I am never able to maintain confidence concerning what mouse movements constitute which weapon movements, therefore I have never been able to dedicate combos to muscle memory. The 5-pointed star is so unintuitive and so lacking in feedback. Half the time I think I need to be sliding my mouse down and to the right to hit the right leg, then the other half of the time I think I need to be sliding my mouse up and to the left to hit the right leg. And do I release Left MB when I am still in the backswing or when I am committing to the forward attack swing? The aiming star is so ridiculously bad on so many levels. I have 490 hours in this game, more practice hours with Bernard than I can possibly remember, four different playthrough save lines (all in progress), yet I still can’t do a weapon combo on demand. It’s frustrating beyond words.
…If you’re now wondering how I defeat enemies, my answer is: master strikes (defense is your friend), clinch cheesing followed up by stab damage (I like using maces with a high Stab stat), or, occasionally, either overpowering or out-enduring an enemy until a lucky blow from me manages to turn their shoulder/back, then I exploit that opening with as many frantic unaimed swings as I can manage to fit in before they re-raise their shield. It’s not exactly elegant. I would much rather do a combo.