I’m sure there is a point to transcribing, but what does it do? There may be a future quest associated to this that I discovered too early. But I broke into the Monestary and discovered this in the library. If this does have to do with a quest, please no real spoilers.

you mean the thing were you are to write what you see in the scriptorium?
That is what the monks did.
It is an illustration of one of the things in a monks life in the 15th century.
It is a historical recreation rpg after all.
Not call of duty FPS.
there was no press for making books, or copy machines. If you wanted a copy of a book it had to be hand written…page by page
How do you think some of the most famous books and stories survived the centuries?

I get that for sure. Went to a Christian college for a few years so the history I get.

The transcribing was a pleasant surprise! Kind of threw me off a bit. But I was wondering if transcribing in the game added to the reading skill or if Henry, after transcribing, could maybe read the Latin works in English?

I get the point of it in real life. Just wondering if there was any point if it in the game? It just took me again by surprise when the option came up.

you should’ve checked your before and after point score for reading skill if you did not get a ding.
I willing to guess it did not. Just an activity to keep the carbon based life form entertained.

I thought of that, but not until after. I believe there are quests later in the game that bring me back to the Monastery…so I’ll check that. Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it!

Man, what a smug answer. I could only imagine more…
“Do you need a horse for fast travel?”
“A horse? Those four legged things? Peoples of the medieval era didn’t have airships or Forza speedways. In order to get around quickly, they had to domesticate large horses. So yes. Stupid.”

it’s total crap is what it is. pointless dribble… i’m certain that i can tell the difference between a U and an I same with an S and a P yet the jerk librarian keeps telling me it’s incorrect. the least they could do, is make the letters easier to read each time you do it so that after doing it 10 times you can actually SEE the frigging differences and get the correct answers. and on top of it i do not see at all how it has anything to do with the game other than some weird immersion attempt. like the torn pages that you have to collect. they make it nearly impossible to get the pages and people like my wife have incomplete quests (which pisses her off) due to her moral sensibility. she does not pick locks or do any of the shady options in the game and thus cannot complete half the quests. this transcription junk upsets her as well… she is a doctor and can read/write latin, and is being told by the game that she’s incorrect with the work. not that it matters, its just a side quest, but if they’re going to put it in the game, the least they could do is make it logical. you have to be able to read/write to get in so the prerequisite ability is there, make it easier to read with practice. i’ve already spent a week in the monastery trying to finish the side quests when it should have been done in a day because of the way they designed this section. you cannot finish all the side lines if you are only there for a day unless you’re watching videos and getting spoilers.

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Have you ever seen antique Calligraphy let alone in Latin in a museum library books?
It sure isn’t like any fancy readable fantasy game script. It is real and happened.
I have done some Calligraphy and see where they are coming from.
As said before the game does not hold your hand and lead you around like witcher 3.
As to moral choices It’s up to the player how much to play inside the game mechanics. If not don’t play. I hate racing car game so I don’t play. I hate PVP ,again, don’t play them


my point, is that if they’re going to put it in the game, they should at least make it a bit more readable each time you do it. skill progression. if you paint every day, you’ll get better at it, why not make the text a bit more clear each time you turn in work so that if you’re there for a week you actually start to get it right. given the time frame, the text would have been normal for those in that time frame to read. henry should really only need to look at it enough to start to understand it, as with anyone learning any language. if they want to have realisim that’s great, but realistically, if i stare at the same damned book every day for several hours over the course of a week, i’m gonna start noticing the text differences , punctuation etc. no matter what language it’s written in. some of us have ocd when it comes to side quests, and having one that is virtually not able to be completed due to a bad idea of putting in actual text that never becomes clearer is a bit maddening.

actually, yes, yes i have , i studied latin in college