Treasures of the past wont work

I love this game. So i decided to buy and install the dlc’s on my xbox.

And went to my chest to grab all the maps and get the new armor. Only to find that there were no maps in the chest. Weird i thought. But i have played the game all the way to Uzhitz. Maybe it’s bugged?
Maybe if i continue the main quest for a while the glitch will release and my maps appear in the chest.

No luck.

Maybe i can find the armor in the chest without any maps?

No luck again…

So i read the information on the dlc wich told me that i would get the maps after the quest “Awakening”. The awakening quest is right at the start.
So i started a new game and speedran it all the way to Rattay. But still no maps in the chest. I continued for a while only to quit when i realized the maps wont show up at all. Something must be completely wrong with my game.

My questions is how do i get it? I would prefer to continue on my big save file.
I have downloaded the game through Xbox Gamepass so i got the game for free. Then i bought the DLC’s along with it.

Superb game… I love it. Please dont ever stop creating more content for this! But atleast give me my maps so i can enjoy my new armor set. The other dlc’s seems to be working fine. But not this one.

I acctually got it to work just now. I had to start playing an entirely new game. “New Game” and delete all my previous save files.
And after a while of speedrunning i managed to get them as i woke up in Rattay. I’ll guess i’ll have to get to work.

Solve and close