Trippin' on Witch Potion

So I found a grave at a crossroads just north of Uzhitz. The crossroads location in itself was suspicious but, when I dug it up (even more suspicious), I found 1 skeleton and 3 potions with rather curious effects. The most interesting was the “Witch Potion”.

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to try this. So I took it home to Peshek’s mill and chugged it. And things got quite psychedelic but otherwise no harm done. Basically, a benign acid trip for about an hour. No devils at all, not even their lawyer types bearing contracts. BUMMER :slight_smile:

Anybody had more interesting effects?

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I have the recipe.

Gertrude the Uzhitz herb woman has it in a trunk next to the alchemy bench. My Henry isn’t a thief and really wanted to put it back afterwards, but as we know, read recipes disappear. :smiley:

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I’ve thought about putting a few of them into a stew pot at a random logging camp then sitting back to watch what happens to the people, if anything.