Trosky castle is next :)


Woah, I had completely forgotten about act III lasting more the the first to acts together. That means indeed there is a lot of room for a large map covering many castles and towns around Trosky castle. The more the better :slight_smile:

Edit: on Twitter, Dan Vávra also posted picture of Kost Castle, which seems not too far from Trosky Castle. This is all speculation but looks promising :slight_smile:


I saw map of two castles being together there, so not hard to imagine it in KCD2 world and are not actually so far away, Kost and Turnov can be pulled to map as Skalitz was to fill the gaps. There are mostly modern villages now without sources they existed in 15th century or are with few tens of inhabitants, it’s very likely they were only some small camps. But more importantly, they need to add some interesting places to map, especially if they fit to story of which I have no idea for now.


As in hours to complete the act (+/- most sidequests) or to do every thing that there is to explore? Because when I bought it at release they stated that it would take between 50-60 hours to complete the game (true in my case) and up to 100 hours to do basically everything there is to do and see everything there’s to see (somewhat true for me).


If Trosky will be in the game Kost castle is almost guaranteed to also be there.

Was there anything interesting in Turnov?
It was probably quite small and it seems that it didn’t even have (stone) walls.


Probably total content, I finished all quests and few failed in 90 hours, so 60+20 is not so far away after all from the actual content.


So odd question. Is it assumed the next game takes place in an area we will explore new, or be connected to the current. It just seems really strange that cappon and henry would end up away from home for so long. I know jobst says he will be back in a week, so kind of curious how the current map wouldn’t be integrated with the current, and that is hard to imagine with the distance rattay is from trosky, although it doesn’t have to be historically accurate i my opinion its a history fiction, which can take liberties.


Could be the year or 24 hour Time 14:39 is the same as 0230 PM. Yes Trosky Castle!!!