Trosky castle is next :)

Looks like we might see this nice castle in the act III, after all.

There seems to have the year 1439 in the picture, but I’d be suprise to have such a wide timegap between act I-II and Act III.

Can’t find any detailled sources on whatever happened in that castle and surrounding area before the hussite wars. Anyone has any info on this to give us an idea?



Interesting…… :thinking::nerd_face:

A bit of a minor spoiler if you didn’t complete the epilogue, but it’s very clear that our story will pick up with Henry and Hans at Bergow’s estate, i.e., Trosky Castle. As such, I’m sure the 1439 model is just a reference point

Trosky castle is 3 days away.

Few notes: Trosky site is relatively close to Vavra’s home and his early years. Also, local sceneries could greatly enhance the look of the map with various rock formations. And if someone put Giant Mts. in the distance, it would look just perfect. It is also home of Otto de Bergov and his son, staunch supporters of Sigismund and the Crown. There is no evidence, how the castle looked in it’s best years - a lot of room for invention and fantasy elements - I hope for some. And moreover, someone (me) already proposed area around Turnov during the earliest stages of development as one of the possible areas, where will the 1st Act take place :fleur_de_lis: So I’m a genius, after all… :sunny:

I think there will be lookouts from North to south all the way of western border. Rocky mountains, small lakes, few castles, rivers, dense forests. Turnov most definitely must be included, however is a bit far away. Maybe they do the same as Skalitz.

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It depends on where Trosky will be positioned on the map, if it will be in lower right corner Turnov can be in upper part of the map.
Personally I hope for some larger town (larger than Rattay). Only one in this region is Jicin which has the right size to be possible to make, but it seems that it was not that much interesting at that time (one unfinished church, but we already seen one).

My concern is that we are talking about the Act III, so a shorter game than KCD. A large map may not be necessary.

I’m wondering if the ‘‘Band of Bastards’’ DLC will cover Henry and Hans mission, with KCD 2 being a full game with a completly new story.

sounds more probable

There are no acts anymore (it is old concept).

The story of Kingdom Come will continue in the sequel. I think they confirmed in some video that DLCs won’t continue the main story.

Please help, I thought that warhorse said no new storyline or new map areas in KCD I? Am i wrong, wouldn’t this be only for the sequel??

If the DLC Band of Bastards continues with capons mission to deliver a letter there would have to be a small localized addition to the map for just the DLC

That would be insane, i did not think the story ever would change. I was wondering what Luke Dale’s comments about serenading a women who lives in a castle was about though? I figured it would be a new castle, but not sure how with WH previous statements. Confusing to say the least.

KCD2 as Act III. It was supposed to be bigger project than Act 1. Act 2 was smallest, but I don’t if Act 1+2 are bigger. Let’s assume they will be similar, there is lot of interesting places even if it was size of KCD, however it needs some bigger towns as Turnov or Jičín aforementioned to be pulled, to fill the gaps. There are more villages existing which are little further over the KCD size.
Band of Brothers will not expand main story. Cliffhanger stays as it is.

I assume they would like to fit in more interesting things and if Trosky was in the south, there would be plenty of places to the north of it, especially castles, dense forest. However I don’t know the story. I’m confused. I still didn’t find any lead to the story so far.

DLCs will have stories inside KCD world, map most probably won’t be expanded.

Forum trolls suggest Band of Brothers DLC continuing story, not Adventurous DLC.

Good comments that match up with what people already have said. I find it a little worrisome that they would make a sequel to a game that clearly no one could pick up and play, and understand. Seems like a bad idea. Maybe KCD I would be included in KCD 2, but that doesn’t make much sense either.

Forum trolls only fantasise and since main quest is to retrieve sword and avenge family, they tend to believe some of DLC will be actual expansion to main story however developers said they do not plan such thing. They also denied making big expansions like Witcher 3 got.

My concern is that we are talking about the Act III, so a shorter game than KCD.

The Acts are an old concept from Kickstarter, but you’re wrong about Act III’s (KCD2’s) length; Act I was supposed to be normal ~60 hours. Act II was to be the shortest at about ~20 hours, and Act III is supposed to be around ~120 hours, the longest of the three and to cover the most history. A few months before release, Dan Vavra decided to combine Act I and II which is the current KCD. Act III, now KCD2, is still going to be around ~120 hours unless plans have changed.