Trying to get the game


Hi there,
I really like the look of the game and registered on the forum but when I go to buy the game I am told my username and password is invalid?


The forum account and account used to purchase the game are two different accounts. You can use the same info though.


I think there is some problem. Not sure what, though.

Maybe @DrFusselpulli will know more.


Thanks for your time.Could I get a Steam key it might be a launcher issue and I could then verify the game cache.


I think its actually some account problem, because I don’t even see your badge above your name.
@DrFusselpulli is not here today, probably has extended holiday. Let’s wait for him and we shall see then.


The badges have not been showing up even for working accounts without some adjustment in at least a proportion of cases for some while, unless there is an intervention.

The need for two accounts “for the same product” is perhaps the issue in some cases as it is not common ~ and where seen the store being an independent source or at least a differently named site (e.g. GoG vs CDPR/Witcher) - here the distinction is less clear, especially when moving from forum to game site.


Yes, that’s true.
It still might be a sign that something is not right.
But I do not know much about how our accounts work and how the launcher depends on them.


Thanks for your help,
As I wrote in my other post I finally got the game and downloaded the launcher and installed it only to have a black window when I open launcher.Can I get a Steam code so I can verify the game cache and find what the problem is.I have the latest drivers and I tried the disable sound card fix but to no avail.I emailed with a dxdiag but haven’t received a reply.


Please report the bug with the DXdiag here: