Turning an NPC into a merchant

I had the idea that I would turn one of the Pribyslavitz NPC into a new merchant. I took the data from soul.xml, soul2role.xml, soul2metarole… from an existing merchant and applied it to the soul ID from an otherwise useless Prib_woman1. In theory this NPC should now be a carbon copy of the merchant. However, Prib_woman1 still has no dialogue options. Anyone have any ideas on what else I can do?

If its difficult or impossible to open a bath service in Pribislavitz, at least create a laundry service. Henry is the filthiest bailif in the whole Bohemia. Henry can at least pay his citizens to wash his clothes after all he is making so much money as a bailif. He cant be that stingy to do his own laundry and not spreading the wealth he accumulates. More jobs for the people of Pribislavitz.