Two Handed Weapons/Spears, Pollax etc still in-game?

Basically topic. I’m wondering if larger weapons made it into the base game. I’ve seen a brief glimpse of your char. charging someone on horseback with a spear, but that’s about it. I was looking forward to stabbing folks with a giant stick. And same question for larger swords/weapons. Longest sword I’ve seen is a bastard sword, I believe.

And second topic, if there are only 1 handed weapons, what would be the point of not putting a shield in your ‘free’ hand???

Poleaxe is included in the base game, as well as bastard swords. There’s a different variety of poleaxes and swords. Although using a poleaxe or spear while on horseback…unsure.

Huh, really? That’s good news about the poleaxes. Although I was wondering if there was anything bigger than a bastard sword. Those can still technically be used in one hand, after all. I don’t want anything ridiculous, but a zweihander or a flamberge would be neat.

I read somewhere, when it comes to horse based combat, you can only shoot a bow and that they have nyxed the horse swordplay. I could be wrong, though.

Sorry, not in 1403. The emerge in the late 15th century not in 1403


modsll probably add those tho

…Greatswords in general. I don’t specifically need those two examples. Just curious if there are large weapons in the game.

Oakeshott type XIIIa or Bastard Swords or One-and-a-Half-Hand-Swords are there.

But they are not the common mind-image of “Greatswords”, which has been spread by decades of fantasy media…

just call longswords longswords and avoid the confusion…

Where can I find a bastard sword in the game? I’m talking about the one and half sword, not the long sword. My understanding of medieval weaponry is that there was a bastard sword and a long sword. A bastard sword had an extended hilt, not quite for 2 hands, but could still be used with two (the lower hand more or less cupped the half part of the hilt). The long sword was a hilt designed for one hand (not enough room for 2) but the blade was long. I’ve only seen long swords in the game, either on dead bodies or on weapons merchants. Are there bastard swords in the game? If so, where? I only have a long sword and without a shield, he only uses it in one hand with the other hand left open.

@Matt1971 I think you are mistaken by short swords. If you use a longsword (Like Merchants Sword or Harods Sword) without a shield, Henry will use both hands to swing it.

I found halbert in pribislavic (burned city). but problem if this weapon is than I cant use it or sell it.

Maybe I am mistaken… That would be awesome if I am. :slight_smile:

Try to get a Merchants Sword, its a good longsword to use with 2 hands and it is cheap. If you are rich get a Herod’s Sword.

Yes and no, there are no swords that would be considered great swords unfortunately. There are only short and long swords. Your character will hold a longsword with two hands when you dont have a shield or torch out, but otherwise he weilds it with one hand.

Polearms/spears are also in the game however they cannot be used as a primary weapon. When you pick up a spear it will automatically equip the weapon, and it cannot be stored. They basically act as a heavy weapon that you can just pickup and wield temporarily. Unfortunately if you wanted to uae them as a primary weapon then you would have to constantly pay a fine for carrying a weapon around in town; and spears can never be sold nor purchased.

If you take a look at the game files, you can see which weapons are in the game, and there you can find that there are: Guisarmes
Bohemian Earspoons
Hunting Spears
Italian Bills
Lucerne hammers
Reforged Scythes
and just regular “Spears”. You can encounter these weapons in the game, not buy them though, unless you go in and add them to shops in the game’s files, which you can do.

Or google the location of the treasure chest with St. Georges sword. ( map location is in the monastery)
If on PC you can add it to your equipment with a console command. I posted its console id.

for PC’ers there are mods that put them into the game for the player and one mod puts the skill advancement back.

Hopefully the devs would put them back in the game.
Else It is quite sloppy to leave them in the game code and have only the NPC have access.