UI no compass/crosshair


Hey KCD team and fellow gamers,

I have been playing on hardcore for quite some time now and there’s one thing that would make it even better for me and that is to get rid of the crosshair and compass completely since there’s not really use for it anyway.
I know that there’s a mod for it on PC (which I use), but I prefer to play it on console (how strange that might even sound).

Would be nice if we had the option in the menu.


Console players ,get no response on matters of this magnitude.


Why is that?


Just fucking with ya,I have no clue I just play on PC not console.If I had an console I would try to figure it out for you.


The only problem I have is that my PC is equipped with a first gen i7 and a GTX960, so a little bit to old for KCD. Otherwise I would’ve played more on PC. So console it is


I have too old i7 (3770), i just get better and cheap gpu 1060 and game works fine with full details.


Unfortunately, my cpu is the bottleneck