Ulrich is a Traitor


So basically, I am at the point where I need to go to the silver mine, and can ask Ulrich to come along. I have played this mission now 5 times, and every single time, Ulrich bugs out.
The first time, he walked SUPER slowly, and when we arrived at the point where a horde of bandits are waiting (there are like 7 of them, if not more), they start fighting eachother, and Ulrich joins them in fighting me. The curious thing is also that he has no sword and only uses his fists. I died pretty quickly because I can’t take on 9 fully equipped bandits/knights.
The second time, Ulrich, as soon as we were on our way, began to run. I had the option to “confront” him, whatever that means. So I did, and he immediately began to attack me (with his fists). I killed him with an arrow between the eyes, and went on to the site. When I arrived, I managed to kill 2 bandits, but the remaining 2 attacked me simultaneously and ultimately killed me after a short fight.
The third time, Ulrich just stayed where he was, and when I turned around after I walked for like 2 meters, he was simply gone. No trace of him. I searched the area, nothing. I went to the quest location, nothing. He was just gone. So I restarted.
Fourth and fifth time were just like the first time: I arrived with Ulrich (who now ran - I had the option to “confront” him again, but I ignored that…), and as soon as we met the group of bandits (again 8 or so), they fought eachother, then me, then eachother, and Ulrich helped them in fighting me.

I honestly don’t know what to do. Even if I kill Ulrich so he won’t join the enemies, I can’t defeat the bandits who are simply too strong and outnumber me greatly. Even if I go directly to the mines and avoid the horde on the path, its still 1 vs 4, and I can’t win this. I can put up a fight, but after a few minutes, I am down.


That is odd. Every time I ask Ulrich to join me he does and never had him turn against me. I have played once without Ulrich and was able to take care of the bandits myself. That may be an option, you need to get them at night when most are sleeping, then take them out one at a time, it sounds tedious but does accomplish the task.


that sounds fucked lol
sometimes when you fight 2 groups of bandits at a hold up they all just ignore each other and go for you, maybe ulrich has some conflicting code because he can be an enemy or an ally
anyway, try loading a previous save, dont ask for ulrich’s help and just kill all the bandits on your own with horse archery.
basically just ride into the camp to get their attention, then lead them a away, stop and shoot them 1 by 1 as they get closer to you. rinse and repeat until they are all dead
not the most immersive way but it works if you are really having problems.


You can just run through the cave. They won’t catch you. No need to fight them at all if you’re bad at fighting.


I took him with me as well. Lost him. Fought all the bandits myself. Ran into the mine, and he was just standing there waiting.


I did as you suggested, and just ran through the mines. After I finished the cutscene, I chose to persuade Ulrich to join Radzig, but although I had the necessary stats, it didn’t work, and I had to kill him. Maybe he was just really badly bugged for me.


Yeah, he’s a traitor either way. luckily my combat stats were higher than speech haha


Let me guess, he tried to punch you out? I encountered this too. It seems that at some point he lost his sword. When he started running I tackled him and punched him back until he submitted. I then let him go unconditio0nally and he rubber armstronged his sword back into his hand. My guess is that without his sword he won’t approach the bandit camp, so the bug would be him not having his sword.

Edit: I was right. After some experimentation I found that by picking a fist fight with him while he’s still waiting at his camp you can trigger his surrender and release him unconditionally in order to get his weapons back, like I described before. After this you can wait 24 hours or so and he’ll be back at the camp waiting fo you again, this time fully equipped. When you talk to him to warp to the next objective this time he will behave normally, draw his weapon, and charge forward. The question here is where did hi weapons go to begin with. My guess is that he dropped them when I defeated him after the horse chase and just never picked them back up. A simple approach to fixing this would be to add a script to him either when he’s spawned back at Sasau or when you teleport after talking to him at his camp that checks for his sword and shield and if they aren’t found spawn and equips them.

As a side note: I’ve also noticed a tendency for bandits to spawn at his camp and attack him, which while separate, is also quite odd.