Unable to give father 10/10 Charcoal, Cold Ale, and Cross Guard


I have collected all the required items for the first quest in the game, and when I talk to father, the only option is that i’m not finished collecting things.

I have 10/10 charcoal, I have the sword cross guard, and I have the cold ale. I have checked a dozen times to make sure. All quests are updated, and there is nothing else I seem to be able to do. What’s happened? This is a bug right? Can use some console command to get around the bug?


have you gone to yoursword fighing lesson?


This was it. I figured it out after restarting, and doing everything “By the book”, so to speak. Got the same result. Then I decided to just do the sword training mission, and then it worked.

It is inexplicable from a common-sense perspective that this is required to give my father the stuff he wants. There should really be a better explanation, such as “I can’t give my stuff to dad until I go train”. But for some reason, he tells his dad that he hasn’t gotten everything yet even though he has. Seems like a design flaw, and it almost cost Warhorse a sale. I was about to get a steam refund, and decided to give it all one more try.


It’s worth to stick around for this game. I was also surprised when replayed the game to find that beginning part restricting. They made it instead of linear tutorial but it’s not open world until 2-3 hours in.


Yeah, I’ve played another hour, and am very engaged so far. It’s just that first part. It was a bit too convoluted. If I was less persistent, and didn’t “want to like it”, then they might have lost a sale there. I have no doubt that they realized this by now, and judged it not as convoluted as I found it. Or not worth updating, since the game’s been out for a while now.


It’s easy to give up if you can get refund. Take your time to understand this game. It’s got some unique features. It’s important to pay attention to dialogues and world surroundings, many things go intuitive but sometimes I got stuck like you on trivial tasks. That’s why it’s good to run through the area before advancing.


Make sure you get the ale last before bringing it to him. Or it will get hot and he won’t want it.


Thanks to share your vision.