Unarmed combat: special moves?


Hey guys,

I realised recently that I can’t seem to pull off the perfect counters and/or combos shown in this trailer (at 6:46), only dodge. Does anyone know if this feature was cut from the game or if I just need to practice more? Because those moves look sick, and they also make rp’ing as a pacifist more believable, as well as showing Henry’s progression as a warrior.

Those are probably clinches, not combos. You can fast punch, slow punch, and kick. You can clinch and win with either a heavy or light attack. There are a couple different animations. You can also dodge. I think you can perfect block too, but I’m not 100% on that since I usually move back as I block, so maybe it was simply a back dodge.

If I am fighting someone unarmed, it’s because I want to knock them out. Usually I will damage them with a weapon, and use unarmed to finish them off. It would take too long if they’re armored otherwise. The best way to achieve a knockout is just keep spamming fast attacks as you move forward. Clinch spam works too. Once they run out of stamina, or try to attack and get hit in the head because your fast attack beats them to the punch, they start taking damage.

If you are on PC there is the new updated mod Perkaholic that has more unarmed perks that make your hits/fighting more effective. Not combos but every little helps.

If you look at the video I linked at 6:46, you can see that those are not clinch moves, they have the slo-mo effect typical of counters. What I was wondering was if anyone ever pulled off one of those.

If you look, you’ll notice they are not in first person either. Those aren’t in game live alpha or beta moves.

At one point EVERY unarmed attack was open handed pattycake style. The rationale behind that being knights didn’t want to break their knuckles, so every single peasant used open hand attacks. They were quite serious about it. It never went live though. Just like this didn’t.

Hum… the clip right after this one is in first person. Another one after that too. Those are the ones I’m talking about.

6:46 3rd person, strong punch. In game.
6:47 1st person, kick in game, followed by ??? master strike? It’s not in the game that I have seen.
6:48 3rd person clinch knee to the head, in game. There are also other clinch animations.
6:50 1st person elbow master strike? Not in game as I have seen.

I have never seen it, but I have never tried to do it either. Like I said though, they have definitely changed unarmed combat since its first inception. Master strike might be in there, but I have not tested it. I have not seen it though. I have only seen the green shield and slow motion as I am blocking and moving back, so it was hard to say if it was a perfect block or back dodge.

I have never pushed anyone to the ground, or been pushed to the ground by NPCs in unarmed combat.

Welp, unless someone says otherwise, it looks like those counters were removed. Damn shame too, they looked sick.

If you want to test it, go ahead. Put on some armor. Get unarmed to 20 to make it easier to achieve. Do nothing, and just try to master strike. That said, MS are hard to do at the best of times.

The way unarmed combat works though, I never used it. I was never trying to be fancy, just knock them out. I always did this by spamming light punch and moving forward. I would only move back and block if my stamina ran out, which is how I occasionally pulled off the green shield slow motion effect.


@Whitedragem watch 1:06-1:49 in vid posted by @savvym above :face_with_hand_over_mouth: