Unarmed combat techniques

I’m not big on differentiating between “Liechtenauer’s style,” “Fiore’s style,” and the like (didn’t Dobringer write that Liechtenauer traveled and learned from many different sword masters?), but I love the idea of there being a fechtmeister in the game. I also second the idea of varying skill levels that are more than just computer reaction times and hit points.

I’m wondering if they’re going to include the Sword Master of Mêlée Island, who’ll teach you insults. It would be a game reference to Monkey Island and they said they might include one or another reference to other games.

There really ISN’T much difference between them at all. The longsword is pretty much the longsword, whether it’s a German or Italian manuscript (you can REALLY see this in what little survives of the English manuscripts, as they bear a very strong resemblance to the German). There’s a few things that come up in one vs. the other (IE, the English make use of one-handed cuts that don’t appear in the German manuscripts) but otherwise the core is the same.

One of the most interesting speculations I’ve seen on the differences between Fiore and glosses on Liechtenauer’s merkverse is that Liechtenauer is NOT a complete treatise, but is an “advanced class” as it were, focusing on advanced techniques (the miesterhau) rather than teaching the basics of how to fence, whereas Fiore’s manuscript covers actually learning to fight. So to get a complete picture of the art would require studying Fiore (for the basics) AND Liechtenauer (for the “special” attacks).

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Its a good idea. Although the combat system and weapons so advanced, do not know if will be able to implement it.