Unarmed combat techniques

You find yourself in the thick of combat, too close to deal a swordblow.
Or sneaking up on a watchtower guard.
As wrestling was quite popular in medieval times, what unarmed combat techniques would you like to see in this game (if at all)?
I would like to see at least some choke-holds and disarmament techniques implemented.


I would be fine with just some fist fighting, that they have already showed in a trailer, but more advanced with double Hand swings and that kind of stuff.

grappling, anything that is closer than trapping range will be scripted animation moves.

Yeah, disarming or knocking someone out with your bare hands sound cool :slight_smile:

Simple fist fighting does sound a little “been there, done that”. A choice of between different types of punches like jabs and hooks and maybe some crouching and choking from behind would definitely spice it up :slight_smile:

also…why is the unarmed combat always standing up? Being able to tackle someone and fight on the ground would be new

Historically accurate wrestling of course… What else WWE body slams or something?

No WWE throws, but practical and historically correct grappling techniques to be used up close in a life-or-death struggle. Aim should be to quickly disarm and/or disable your opponent, no lengthy ground fights with fancy techniques.
Examples can be found in the book “Fior di Battaglia” (Eng. Flower of Battle) by Italian 14th century fencing master Fiore delli Liberi or the “Talhoffer Fechtbuch” (Eng. Fighting book by Talhoffer) by German 14th century fencing master Hans Talhoffer.


Going for the eyes:

Going for the junk:

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It’s great! I’m doing this medieval unarmed combat (usually called Ringen) since September - not long, I know - and I’m pretty euthusiastic about that.
But I don’t thnik we will see it in the actuall game. Warhorse have already tons things to implement and this would need really complex system. maybe in part 2 or 3?

This -needs- to be in this game to accurately represent areas of combat not previously established in -any- previous games.

no it doesn’t. the game already has loads of features not previously established in any games. but it will be good if they can get it in the game eventually, maybe in a patch or something.

Mate, I want to be able to murder and molest my opponent simultaneously.

Don’t deny me this, please. :wink:

I totally support this idea!

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pretty much any historically accurate grapple they could jam into the game


Nice techniques. But i really hope this will not be in the game in any form except fist fight. I don’t like the idea playing as member of medieval Commandos.

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When someone is wearing 25 kg or armor and your wielding a sword knocking them to the ground and poking them with a dagger seems like a very viable strategy.

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If miming power chords isn’t an option in the first alpha release, I’m demanding a refund.


Talhoffer was 15th Century, born after the period in which the game is set, (born 1410-1415) so I’d stay away from his fechtbuch in this case.

The Fiore manuscript also dates to a couple years after the setting of Kingdom Come (oldest known copy dates to 1409), however Fiore himself WAS active during this time period, so even if he wrote Flower of Battle afterwards, the art as he was teaching it was certainly being practice at the time.

Given the setting, though, I would argue in favor of the German style. Ringeck’s manuscript is somewhat later in the century, however Ringeck himself was either a direct student of Liechtenauer, or a student of a student. Additionally, his fechtbuch is apparently a more or less direct translation of the Liechtenauer’s coded verse, rather than adding anything new. And it’s also the most complete gloss of the Master’s work.