Unbearable non stop storms

I am about 100 hours in the game. It has been raining heavily (thunderstorms) in my game for more than 7 consecutive real hours of gameplay. Visually it makes some things very difficult to see but the worse is the noise: the regular thunder and especially the continuous white noise from the rain has become unbearable, to the point that it is game breaking. It is worse than monsoon! I love the game but it is not possible to continue to play like this.

Is this thing going to stop? Should I reload an earlier save? Is there anything causing the non stop crazy storms?

Have you tried turning down the volume?

I have to admit you are the first post that I have read that says that the rain is a game breaker…… I guess you never lived in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Wish I have that weather always… maybe any actual mission you’re in.