Unit of mass in KCD


Hi there!
Does someone know which the unit of mass in KCD is? Is it a modern metric pound (500 grams) or rather an imperial/avoirdupois pound (about 454 grams) or a historical unit of mass used in bohemia in 1403? In that case, which unit would that be?

It might be interesting to know this for mods aimed towards more realism in the game, especially in terms of inventory weight.

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Good question!

The Statistics tab under character lists amount of herbs in kilograms, but that might not reflect the “in-game world” units of mass.



Does no one have an idea?



There are 3 strenght perks. Each will give you the ability to carry 25 pounds more. So I think the unit of mass is pound.



You are right! I have overlooked this completely, despite having learned all three perks. :smiley:
Then the last question would be: Which pound is it?



Russian pound, obviously :wink:



Wouldn´t it be great if there was a system that the whole world can use and it´s so easy to use that even babys can understand it… oh yes, the metric system. But no stupid muricans always have to be different :wink: I think it´s 1 pund = 0,45 Kg



It was much more complicated in the middle ages. No kilograms and hundrets kinds of units in Czech lands instead. Just for your interest I copied this from one website, to see how many units were used and what chaos existed :smiley: I highlighted the pounds.

České staré váhové míry (Old czech weight measures)

lékarnický grán 0,073 g
karát metrický 0,2 g
karát vídeňský 0,206 g
denár 1,0034 g
lékárnický skrupul 1,458 g
kvintlík 4,0137 g
lékarnická drachma 4,375 g
lot 16,05 g
lot celní 16,66 g
lot vídeňský 17,5 g
lékarnická unce 35 g
česká hřivna 256,875 g
vídeňská hřivna stříbra 280,668 g
libra lékarnická 420 g
libra česká 513,75 g (czech pound)
libra pražská 514 g (prague pound)
libra slezská 530 g (silesian)
libra celní (= 32 loty) 541 g
libra celní (nová) 500 g
libra vídeňská 560 g (vienna)
kámen 10,275 kg (10,288 kg)
cent (= 100 liber) 51 kg
cent vídeňský 56 kg

As you can see, it’s insane :smiley: . There is (besides the rest) many kinds of pounds, becouse a lot of regions or cities used their own measuring. So you can see there also Silesian or Vienna pound with slightly different numbers. But as a base unit in game it’s most logical to use czech (or prague) pound obviously.

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