Unknown bundle setup error 0x2F05


I downloaded launcher.exe for beta, put credentials and (checked both default installation dir and custom) after clicking install, immediately (well almost immediately I can see for very brief period Download speed) Unknown bundle setup error with code 0x2F05 happens.

I do not see any logs in directory of installation nor where launcher.exe is. I reviewed forum but no 0x2F05 code there.
Any pointers what to do now?

ok, after Thomas00671 comment I found where the log is present
my failed attempts look very similar to his.
When I tried to download link KCD.msi is downloaded, cab1.cab is not available when I go ahead.

Perhaps its worth to mention I run win10, not sure if any other specs are relevant for installation.

Intallation Error "unknown Bundle Setup error: 0x2F05"

KCD_Beta_Access_20170812192147.log (11.2 KB)
Hello, i’ve got the same Problem. Please help me.


Did you try deactivating Firewall and Antivirus?


When I disabled firewall and BitDefender, this appeared.

Though its just coincidence, as when I enabled it back again it still appears with this error.


Please stop trying…I think there is an issue with the distribution Server…Sorry…working on it…


Hey, no problem. Thanks for prompt reply.


Hi. Any progress on the distribution server?


Not yet, but it should be solved quite soon in the next couple of minutes or hours today.


Okay, the problem is solved now. Please try to install the Beta again. If it doesn´t work, download the Launcher again and then install the Beta with the fresh launcher. Thank you all for your patience and your support.


@kku So as read it, the Problem should be solved.


hi. Now its even a bit worse. I cannot download launcher from my profile. Browser says file download failed.


Okay, it is solved now :slight_smile: