Unsatisfied (Spoilers)

This is by far one of the most fun and refreshing games I’ve ever played. A slow build up at the beginning was well rewarded with a great story and gripping combat. After 90ish hours of playing through the story and only a few side quests, the game was really getting crazy. I started to really like the characters, even Henry, and the quests were super entertaining and surprising. When I thought I had at several hours of game left, the credits played and I was kind of stunned.
The ending to the story is so incomplete and unsatisfying. Saving Radzig and starting to get along with Hans, working together with Divish and Hanush, crazy battles; I thought the game was really picking up. But the main quest that I’ve been working toward the entire game, to get revenge and find my sword, was completely dismissed in the last five minutes. There are so many loose ends and so many unfinished stories that I almost feel like the 90 hours were for nothing. The end sets us up for either a DLC or a sequel, which means more money to finish something that I should’ve already been able to do.
I loves this game so much and I’m for sure going to replay it many times, but if I don’t get to kill Markvart or get my sword back very soon, I’m going to be pretty unhappy.

This is the first part of a planned trilogy.

We’ll at least I can look forward to that, but I still wish I could’ve at least smoked Istvan or something before the end. Oh well.

the are 80-150 quests. if you paced yourself and not blown thru it like you did you would have had more playtime and fun.
Also even after the doing the main quest, in the epilogue you( did you see that?) are told you still can go about and do things and quest until you meet up with Capon. Then the real ending happens.

KCD is 2in1 and 2 of 3 parts.

Well, first two parts of a planned trilogy, actually. Act 1 and 2 got released in KCD. Act 3 will be the sequel.

I finished almost all quests in 92 hours, then I found 2 more side quests later.

Yes I know, and I definitely didn’t blow through, I spent over 90 hours and did the real ending and everything. It was all very enjoyable and I loved every second of it, but what I’m saying is that the ending was unsatisfyjng.

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Well, here’s hoping the next segment works great. At least this ending isn’t garnering the same backlash Bioware faced for Mass Effect’s 3 ending.

this ending implies a continuance of the story