Update and fps


I just got the update and now the fps are terrible. They were reasonably good, but now very laggy and will freeze on occasion.


It is same for me but same issues as in previous version.


It is better now. The update set the graphic settings to normal and I didn’t notice. I had to set them back to low.


It didn’t set them to normal for me. Stayed the same.


If your having graphical issues you should save your pennies for a better rig. Being able to turn the graphics to max makes the experience all the better.


Which is why implementing VR for a game this pretty is likely a waste. They would have to turn off all the pretty to turn on VR.


No you wouldnt have to turn down graphics! You dont have a fucking clue what your talking about. I run this game on MAX. SO STFU! Im so sick of all you saying it wont work! Get a rig that can handle the game. If you dont want VR than dont fucking buy it! My Pc can handle this game plus some. No FPS issues at all. Stop trying to ruin the prospect for those of us who actually have a decent enough PC to play VR!!! Furthermore I run all my other VR titles on Max some just as pretty as this game.


My assumption, aside from MrSaxons evident self hate and loathing, is that if with a 1080GTX I can see some performance lag in some places at 1440p, then a PC has to generate that view TWICE and keep the frames above nausea levels, the game would have to be run at lower candy levels in VR. But this game is very much about the visual candy.


It’s an improvement for me, playing 4k on medium high and very high settings, 40 50 fps in rattay. And the stutters are almost gone as well. I7 7700k 5.1gh, 1080ti 2000mhz 16 GB ram and m2 ssd