Update - Linux version


Thanks for some tips on getting this game running under proton.

I too would like some Linux support action (I really just want to play the game without having to reboot all the time)



Given the ‘windows’ issues that the game seems to garnering- Warhorse should 'protect themselves) and preempt the windows woes.

Having the fame working under another platform can the isolate where some errors lie.

No doubt that since MS made the game 'Game Mode’d it has had woes beyond Warhorses scope… (fullscreen anyone?)

That Mickeysoft has made Game Mode undefeatable is very telling.

Precompile those shaders and I will jump ship to Linux version and help be a vanilla tester…

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@warhorse Making this game available over proton project from steam would be a great compromise you could make to keep your promise to your intial linux backers.

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Also I would not copy those files but create syslinks to them

ln -s ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/KingdomComeDeliverance/Bin/Win64Shared/* \

makes more sense because in the event of an update of those files you do not need to make a new copy :wink:

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