Update - Linux version


Hello, months are passing and I would be happy to receive an update concerning the possibility of having a Linux version in the future.

As you know, we (Linux users) backed your project as you promised to support our system of choice. The last year we understood that you didn’t plan properly and something went wrong.
Now I would like to humbly ask you to be honest and tell us your final decision.
If no native Linux version of this game will be ever released it would be expected as a professional behaviour to officially explain how do we get a refund.

Thank you.


FB post from two days ago. Rough translation:

“Will there be linux support?”

“Most likely not. Crytek didn’t iron it out properly and we have no chance to pull it off.”


they were talking about linux post release, not idea if thats gonna happen, as this FB post does not say anything more precise.


Hello @Matteo,

if you are a Linux only backer and you want a refund, please send a PM to @DrFusselpulli. There is only little hope that they can manage a Linux version.


Right now it is not possible to make a Linux version. We want to take a look at the problem again after release, if we can find a solution for it and make a Linux version possible.

Wich version i get with BARON TIER DIGITAL (Special Edition)?

Thank you for your reply.
If there is hope I’ll wait. I’m not in rush, I just want to have clear statements.
If you decide not to support Linux as definitive choice, at that moment I’ll ask my refund as you didn’t respect your promise of kickstarter, until then I’ll wait.

Thank you for the update.


I look forward to seeing what you can do After release.

Since the kick starter closed things like DX12 and Vulkan have come about, so I am hoping that Vulkan is the chosen rendering tech so it can be made cross platform easier.


I am really sad about the situation.
I think I will get a refund, and I will buy it when the game will be released for Linux.
I am hoping for the best.


A new CRYENGINE 5.4 Preview version has been released with full Vulkan support for PC platforms so let’s hope this can make us a little bit more optimistic (as long as Warhorse doesn’t stick with the old version forever):


I doubt that Warhorse will update the engine. As far as I know, they did some changes to the engine itself. Then “updating engine” is not just that you replace some files with others; it can become very problematic and in every case it requires A LOT of testing afterwards.


As @Kaven says.
We do not plan to upgrade to the new version of cryengine. Especially now that we are nearing the end.

sorry to dissapoint


Sure. It hasn’t made sense to update the engine before the release. Many thanks for clarification.
As I wrote in other threads before - I don’t request refund because I trust Warhorse and I believe that you are different from arrogant big publishers who don’t care at all about their customers.
But I also expect you to honor your plans to bring this game to Linux when the time has come. And with the current state of Cryengine it is close.

I hope that you will collaborate with Crytek to make this game run with Vulkan when you will be working on an addon because that’s the right API for such great game.
I won’t play it until it runs on Linux and although I would like to play it and I would like to buy DLCs. No matter what it costs - the path of freedom to respect people’s privacy can’t be left from my side. Windows 10 is a spy monster, it’s unstable, games do pretty much lag in general, even with high average frame rates… and when it’s spread widely it could be used as a dramatically dangerous tool against people.

No matter how an answer may look like - I thank everyone to just read this comment and take a minute to think about it. For the whole world it must not be that Windows can keep the unfair advantage forever. Please help to change it.


Same here. In the meantime though, I’ll try my luck with wine.


+1, I too didn’t ask for a refund and hope wine 3.x with DX11 support will allow us to play it this year…


+1 too, I will wait for a definitive choice before asking for a refund.


Don’t want a refund the game is great, unfortunatly can’t play it because of the missing piece of s***y software called Windows


Half of the world is writing/reading about how successful KG:D is. I haven’t heard about its Linux version (main reason why I backed the game back in 2013) for quite some time…

Because user “Blacksmith” locked previous thread (without even replying to the last post there) I take this one as alive and the place where to ask. My attitude and reasoning can be found elsewhere in this forum, I will not repeat myself again (and again).

So the question is as clear as cloudless sky: Will you make Linux version of this game? Yes/no - I don’t want another “at this moment we work on bugs” or “we are not working on right now” answer, treat your customers who already gave you their money right for once. If you (who read this forum) doesn’t have correct information, send someone competent to answer here - I call for the one and only Dan Vávra (I still respect him).


I too would like to be able to play this game under linux! Just so much easier than having to reboot all the time.

I do hope that they engage a 3rd party to help with the Linux build - Feral seem to have a good streak of games atm :slight_smile:


well played it on wine but it works so so, wish there was a native version


Now that Valve’s Proton project has been launched I hope that there is at least one interested developer within the Warhorse team, who can make this game initially compatible after the download.
Proton compatibility report for Kingdom Come: Deliverance
According to the compatibility report you have to copy a whole folder win64shared to win64 or at least two DLL files, d3dcompiler_46.dll and d3dcompiler_47.dll to make the game work.

Since Linux support has been promised to backers and hasn’t been given, at least I expect you to do this little favor to your backers, to make this game compatible so they can play the game just like a native one without fiddling with DLLs.

I can confirm that

cp ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/KingdomComeDeliverance/Bin/Win64Shared/* \

was sufficient on my system to make the game runnable with Proton, when started with the following start option in Steam:

PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 %command%

It is running fine but seems to have shader compilation hangs. Though, this should be fixable. (By adding a shader precompile feature to proton and ship precompiled shaders which might already be planned or in the development branch)