Urban the undead guard


In this current run I did the bowl quest for Urban the guard at the door of the house behind the monastery. I ,however, neglected to put it back right after and but did it later.
When I was back at the house for another matter Urban accosted me as a thief and attacked me.
The fight ended up at the compound wall out of sight of the rest of the place.
I tried to disable ( no weapons) him but he still died from his injuries.
I picked up his body and deposited it in an open grave in the middle of the courtyard thinking , well at least a Christian burial. For the rest of the game when I was near the place , no guard.
When It came to the point of getting the engineer for very late part of the game guess who was risen from the grave and at the door and no reaction to me?!
This is like at least 3 weeks game time later.

Guess you can chalk this up the some npcs can’t be totally eliminated by death from a play thru.


One of the latest patches has introduced a resurection of some essentual NPCs. For players who killed them unintentionaly (like you) so some quests can be completed.


There are also other NPC that resurrect during the main quest (Andrew at the Inn in the Glade).


Yes this is making my stealth killer play very weird.
All npc’s i kill get rezzed.
Awkward moments running into your victims…


Same thing happened to me, I also put the bowl back.
Weird. Maybe, to avoid the confrontation it’s better to get something from the charlatan to give to urban instead of the bowl.
Maybe I’ll do that this time, in my 4th playthrough!