Vanyek Spoilers

When I meet back up with Vanyek( the sword trainer from the tutorial) late in the game he won’t train me. Has anyone gotten to this point and gotten training from him? If so What do you suppose we did differently?

Habe You talk to Erik before?
After this it worked for me…(but on Version 1.2xx)

You mean in the bandit camp?

He will test me. But there is a dialog option for training. When I click on it he says something like “not after what you did!” My reputation is pretty high in the rest of the world so I’m not sure what he is referring to.

I mean at fort Vranik.

Okay, had once the same problem with Bernard…
After a drastic rise of my repution he(Bernard) trained me later again. No idea what you can do with Vanyek…

I’m wondering if there is a less violent way to deal with the quests leading up to that point but I don’t see how.
It’s probably just a leftover dialog option from the tutorial.

I am getting the same bug! TEN MONTHS ON!!!

Does anyone know why this happens or what I can do to talk to him properly? Thanks

I’m just guessing but if you tell him that you met before, he will not train you for you are considered a traitor now. and if not then he might train you. I haven’t tried but I might be wrong too. :grinning: