Various game questions

  • how come all camps are always having a fire burning and a full pot ready to be eaten from even when there is noone around? Like the one in a hunt quest with Hans Capone? :slightly_smiling_face: Also there is no indication if I already ate from the pot as it is always full.
  • Why the inn keepers and shop keepers sleep in their underwear, in the morning get up, get dressed, wash themselves but the main characters like Sir Ratzig or Hans Capone seem to be sleeping in full armor and boots on? That does not look very comfortable and realistic :-]
  • When I go to someone’s house, have a conversation and then leave, they frequently shout at me “who’s there?”. Like they all suffer from immediate memory loss and forget it’s me they just talked to?? :smiley: Looks weird and makes me feel guilty even if I didn’t steal anything from them.

lastly something more serious: what are the prices of items shown in my inventory? The merchant prices are merely a small fraction of this number, so what does it mean?? I don’t think anybody would ever buy it for such price even if I made them have 100 reputation with me!

Prices are probably their buy value.