[Video] Combat and UI mod comparison and showcase

There are a few mods out there that aim to make the game harder in various ways by changing all kinds of stuff, but if you’re just looking to make combat more fun and immersive, have a look at these three that I present in this video; first I show the unmodded state, then with combat tweaks (among other things, lowering of master strike probability) and removal of slowmotion, and lastly with the two aforementioned plus a mod that removes most of the HUD:

These mods could be paired with some tweaks to player/AI health and armour functionality to make the game harder (and more realistic/consistent), especially in late game. I have done this in my personal collection of mods.

If there’s any interest in it, I might be persuaded to release a clean but comprehensive realism/immersion/hardcore mod at some point (perhaps after the next big patch).

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Just go install the Blood and Iron mod. It’s updated for 1.6.2… It has an option for one with the UI and one without. It also changes the economy so money is hard to make, adds more perks, slows leveling, and a crap ton of other stuff to make the game harder. Plus he has made tweaks to the armor and weapon stats.

True, but I disagree about many of his changes - especially combat related (he increases master strike probability while I think one of the most vital things for enjoyable combat is reduction of this). I would also keep the mod a lot slimmer, focusing on combat tweaks and realism enhancements.

Yeah I went in and made some changes to suit my personal taste(to make it brutal) lol

I’m also not a big fan of the economy changes. I do agree that it is too easy to make money in the vanilla game, but his values make it where you could sell a sword for lets say 50 and then they would sell that same sword for 2500. It’s brutal

He advertises it as brutal, but in fact many of his changes makes the game easier or more unrealistic. Some of the changes seem arbitrary, just his personal taste. The mod is neither here nor there, and seems to have no real focus… I have not tried it of course and am only judging from his mod description and his rpg_param file. I guess if I made a mod compilation (with permission from original creators and stuff of my own), it’d be very much focusing on realism and immersion, and refrain from making changes that come only from personal taste (that’s the hard part).

Are the mods available for PlayStation?

Are mods available for PlayStation at all? I have no clue.

funny. really funny. not gonna happen.

So, my compilation has been released. Here’s a video showing how it makes combat better:

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