VIDEO: The Beauty of Kindom Come Deliverance

This game is just simply beautiful. I don’t know how to embed a video in this forum, so here’s the link (could someone tell me please?):

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL - Kingdom Come Deliverance

Now if only it ran well enough to not need a constant stream of patches and Optimisation.


To be honest, I don’t think that video does KCD justice at all. The ground is blue in that video! Presumably you’re using some kind of shader? The colours are just too saturated and look like something out of No Man’s Sky.

But I agree that KCD can be absolutely stunning. It doesn’t need reshade or suchlike though!

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There is a thing in Art and in reality. It’s called Complimentary Colours. When you see one of them, you will
see it’s opposite in the shadows. The sky was yellow and the compliment of that is violent, and the wet ground was
reflecting the blue of the sky and the complimentary of yellow. You people need to learn something about colour. Another person said it was all orange; well yes, it was sunrise. LOL

LOL…you obviously didn’t understand what Complimentary Colours are :wink:

The color in the shadow you speak about is just the outline (Half shadow) from 2 (!!) Complimentary Light sources, shadows are always black and never look like in this video…But KCD is still beautiful…even when your post-shader settings are messed up…that’s true!