Vipers nest quest: arrows barrels bug

One of the aims of the Vipers nest quest is saboting the arrows barrels.
I could set only one barrel in fire, the game doesn’t let me make the other ones burning.
Instead of that, the other barrels emot light, like torches but are destroyed/burned and the aim isn’t completed.

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That quest is just a mess right now. When I did it after 1.4.1 I only had to burn one barrel, and poison one pot, and it said they both completed. I went and did the rest anyway, and after doing them all, it said the quest completed again lol.

Two years later, 1.9.6 404.504e and I have exactly same problem :frowning:

Not a bug as such, you need a torch to burn them. Stupid quest though. Why can’t we just steal the arrows?

I’ve had torches of course! After 3 hours of retries I figured out that it’s impossible to burn arrows after you report to Radzig and he send you to pan Divis, despite you still have such aim in quest description. Food poisoning works BTW.

So solution is to burn all arrows before reporting :slight_smile: