Virtual Reality (VR) potential of the game's combat system

I’ve recently bought a HTC Vive and played a few hours of Skyrim VR. It’s nice, but the combat in Skyrim is not the best really. Which made me realize how awesome KCD’s combat system would be in VR. It’s physical based with locational damage and has all the different combat moves to be insanely fun…

I was thinking about a VR DLC or a standalone title, perhaps featuring only a combat arena (I realize converting the whole game to VR might be a gargantuan task). Bethesda recently said that they were “pleased” with the sales of Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR, so perhaps it wouldn’t have to be a financial flop either.

What does everyone think? Any VR players here?

i have a gear vr helmet and i love it so would definitely play kcd in vr and i would even buy a new system to get it

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I’m not sure if it would be a wonderful crutch or an unplayable mess considering the lock on mechanism. How would this work? Would you lock on to whoever you’re looking at? Would you mistakenly end up targetting someone at the back when you’re not looking directly enough at someone?