Viscount Forum Badge

Hey there.

I would like to receive my forum badge from my kickstarter purchase.

Would anyone know where to achieve it?


@Seroswald please write a PM with your original mail-address from the Kickstarter campain to @DrFusselpulli.

I backed, but I am unsure if I backed with Kickstarter.

I did buy the Digital Collector’s Edition apparently. Next email would say it was the Viscount pack.

Would those emails be good as well?

yes. this should be enough.
Your Mail should be in the Backend-database with your Badge. @DrFusselpulli can reactivate it here in the Forum.

Oh… I’ve got the Digital Collector’s edition, too. Should I also be a viscount?

@Seroswald, you are a Viscount now.
@ilya1502, you are a Digital Collector’s Edition now :slight_smile:

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