Vitrus missing from my game!

I searched the entire town. Murdered everyone in my sight till nobody was left. Reloaded my saves. I’m starting to think it’s a bug. He’s nowhere near his father. I was never so desperate to find a character. If it was some side quest I would say :heart::heart::heart::heart: it. But a :heart::heart::heart::heart:ing main quest! Seriously!? I’m so damn close to quiting the game and leaving a negative review.

What quest? He is most of the time with father in the forge near monastery. Isn’t he dead?

The quest is all that glisters. He is NEVER with his father and I’m starting to think it’s a bug.

If you’re on PC you can spawn him in. You can also just continue that quest without him.

Wky do u need Vitus? I always had to talk to Zack