Voice Acting and its Immersion

Hi everyone!

During my experience so far with KC, I’ve been quite surprised with the the voice acting. Here are a few things I’ve picked-up that have kind of put me off:

The voice acting has a very American feel, which I think takes away from the experience of a European story. I would much rather hear a British accent (although, it’s not anymore historically accurate) than an American.

A few of the dialogues have been awkward. It isn’t necessarily the script that’s the issue, but maybe the context and tone of voice. The protagonist is very enthusiastic at times where it comes across as him being fake or I ask, why are you so excited?

Ending a dialog with “Nothing actually.” when I’ve already asked questions, breaks the immersion as the last thing said should be “Thank you” or “Thanks. Have a good day!”.

The dialog sometimes happens to quickly. It might come across as the dialog was planned and not organic.

I apologize if some of my concerns are placeholders. Are these items that are on the road map to address?

If you would like me to provide some examples, I’m more than willing to do so.

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It’s just a placeholder, the voice actors were just amateurs and Warhorse did it just for testing purposes. There will be proffessional voice acting later.


Hi @thewalnut

Voices are actually place holders. It is planned to have voices recorded by professionals. The accent and/or languages that should happen in the game is discussed in this poll : http://forum.kingdomcomerpg.com/t/poll-voiceovers-accents-and-archaic-language/22700

I think I’ve read that motion capture of faces and lipsync are also planned (I’m sure about lipsync but faces motion capture I’m not 100% positive). I think you can have more prime info if you watch video updates form warhorse studio :wink:

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Thank you for the info! Much appreciated.

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I have to agree with the OP on British vs. American accents. It shouldn’t matter, since both are equally inaccurate, yet somehow it does. Still, I don’t mind that much as long as they hire good actors for the final version.

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czech and german accents…