Voice Acting

I know that the voice acting in the Alpha isn’t permanent, but are all of the voices in the final game going to have american accents? I just feel as if the accent doesn’t fit at all

To be honest I am not sure. You can read here what population of this forum thinks.
But I dont think that american accent will be the prefered choice.

No, there will be british accent. They are doing casting of UK actors/actresses. Right now they have hard time to find a british actor for the main character, because everyone attending is a metrosexual hipster, and they want someone manly and Tom Hardy is too expensive. :smiley:

Here you can read about it from @Hellboy. It’s in czech though. https://www.facebook.com/daniel.vavra/posts/10208587662918056


I am not sure they are specificaly searching for british actor.
It could be a czech actor but dubbed in english. Vavra does not say that in his post.

Yes, he does, in the comments. And it has been said many times on twitter/facebook/elsewhere that they are going mainly for british accent (there might be some differences between nobles/commons and czechs/germans).

I am wary of reading comments on Vavra’s posts, but I guess I will take a look. Thanks for the tip.

EDIT: Looked into comments, I might never do it again…

But… but… I don’t want someone manly, I just want to be princess Henrietta! :dancers: :bride_with_veil:

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I think having a British actor is a goo idea to be honest, although it may not be realistic for the period and the country for that matter, I personally think it’d make the game more immersive, maybe using some sort of pigeon English for the commoners and a bit more Shakespearean for nobles. Although a Czech voice over would also be sick imo

I hope it will not sound to unnatural.

Well, as has been said many times, when it comes to language, realism is pretty much impossible, because realism would mean speaking in old medieval czech and german, which not even Czechs and Germans understand today, not to mention the fact that no one would be able to write it in those languages in the first place. Czech voice over will be also in the game, so you will be able to choose, but it won’t be realistic anyway.


It would be much better if dubbers were czechs who just speaks english , you know they would have czech voice with accent