VR support in future


Do you plan to support VR in future?


I want this too!


They said they were going to support it in the original Kickstarter, which is why I backed the project. We’re now past release and past the first DLC and VR support is still nowhere to be seen.


Can’t wait for the whinge about poor fps in VR and how its warhorses fault


I don’t care, i’ll build new PC for VR release. BTW now with this new cards it could be even possible. Also devs can left a disclaimer that this game is only for hi-end PCs.


@reddwarf2300282: Almost noone can run KCD on ultra with all settings maxxed @60FPS+ consistently (unless you have one hell of a beast supercomputer), and yet you are wanting VR support? I mean, it’s a nice thing to wish for, but I don’t think it will happen soon.