Vranik, after the battle

So, on my way to Sassau and decided to stop by Vranik after the battle, actually while playing DLC as Hans pimp…

The main gate could not be opened from either side, why? There is the barrel to the east near the garbage dump. The ‘E’ keystoke appears at the barrel and at the wall ‘opening’, but ‘E’ could not be used to climb over. I still jumped on the barrel and managed to jump inside the wall, tho took many attempts. The gate would have been easier…

The Devs did a wonderful job creating a burned-out bandit camp at Vranik, but there is nothing to do inside (unless I missed something), so seems a bit of a waste of potential to explore after the battle.

IMHO, Vranik would not remain abandoned by bandits (or even just displaced peasant refugees) for long, unless there was a constant guard or patrol presence. Thoughts?


That burnt out camp was used during night when you were escaping. There is really nothing, no loot. I went there multiple times for the screenshots. This is the highest spot on map that offers great panoramas if you manage to jump on the top of the main building in the upper camp. You simply go from the lower road on the small wooden structure from the side and force your horse to jump on the roof.

i have always wondered how the hell no one in the game noticed vranik
i mean you can see it from the fields near merhojed, surely someone would see the campfire lights at night?
guess it just wouldnt be plausible from gameplay perspective

I didn’t see Vranik from a distance there. I roamed around during day. It was empty and wondered what kind of mission will happen there. It’s kind of amongst the trees, showing only top of the palisade visible.

I saw the same but not while playing in the DLC. I was able to jump over from the barrel to inside and also the gate is closed on the inner wall as well. I was able to jump in there via a laid out tree trunk near the outer gate. Still looks the same though…Also you should go there prior to any of the Vranik missions starting. It’s empty but with ruins from past living in there. Hope this didn’t spoil anything.

I had the Skalitz trainer still alive in there, He would not talk just stood there, I also could not harm him, But when I shot a bow next to him he would try to kill me lol