Vranik Bug ***Spoilers***

So I just entered Vranik as part of the main quest, where you have to scout out the fort for Sir Radzig. The problem is some of the bandits start attacking me on sight. It’s only some of them, but when I fight the bandits who are attacking me every other bandit who witnesses the fighting also attacks me. By the time I get to Erik I have about two dozen bandits in full plate and brigandine armor trying to murder me. It is pretty much game breaking since I can’t fight this many people (especially with how the combat system currently is) and I can’t get to Erik without being spotted by one of the literally dozens of bandits roaming around. I don’t remember this being a problem before, but to be fair the last time I got past this point was before the release of From the Ashes. I’m on PS4 and have the latest patch if that helps.

I really do love this game but I really am starting to get fed up with the constant barrage of bugs and glitches. Every patch seems to break more things than it fixes, and the stability and performance seems to have gotten even worse with each successive patch. It’s very disappointing.

I have the same problem.
Out of blue one bandit see me, no matter what i’m wearing or doing and simply start a fist fight with me.
At first I thought would be a fight between bandits, but after a time every single one bandit wanna punch me

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