Waking sleeping npc


Is there a nice way of waking someone up?


you have to keep tramping him to wake him up


If the npcs are interested in waking up, they will get up once you talk to them, otherwise, let them sleep.


Found a tiny house where i knew there was an interesting book inside the chest, on a previous save i passed there and it was not populated so i had time to lockpick the chest.

The problem is that after using a reload of a save i spent an entire day waiting for them to move, they never got up from them beds… sleeping all day, only one will wake up , go see the chickens and get back to bed immediately.

Knocking one down while sleeping was waking up the other each time i tried, pickpocket was possible and i done it, but the chest is placed in a way that you need to literally walk onto one of the sleeping dude to open it…

In the end i was forced to shoot an arrow inside the house, from outside through the door, they started to run and flee and i could open the chest and get the book…

I don’t understand why they never got up .

This is the house where those lazybones live :



Same happened to me with Raspberry woodcutter, On the Scent Main Quest. He just sleeps all day i spent a couple of days by hour. Cannot proceed.


If you make noise, they sometimes wake up. Failing that, knock them out, then put them somewhere where a passerby will wake them up.


Torch their bed.


That’s a great advise, i’ll try that if it happens again. Thank you.
Luckily for that woodcutter, turned out i could just go straight for the next objective, i looked up the location of the guy on youtube and just went there, part of the quest just skipped.


Be kind with them please, sir.

He was heavily injured by the robber baron’s bandits and that’s why he is always at bed. I even helped his wife when she needed some bandages for his treatment. She gave me all her savings as a reward, even when I refused to take her money at all. Touching.

Plus, if other wake up while you are sneaking at their house is your own fault, I just tried to sneak their house just some minutes ago and knocked the woman at night and his husband didn’t wake up, I opened the chest with no problem at all.

Level up your stealth, check your noise level.



Try crouching infront of his face when drunk. Wait for the fart sound. Prepare to defend yourself. :joy::joy::joy: