Waldensian quest


So, I got jailed and failed the quest, but for other reasons, I need to kill the Vicar. Where is he usually/where does he sleep?


Can i actually poison the vicar? In his room we have a table with the quest item “jug for a wine” and some drinks. i poisoned all these drinks, dropped them on the table and they just disappear after a while. and if i take the jug it just stores in my pocket and i cant do anything with it. any ideas? Why do we have this quest item and the drinks on the table?


My quest bugged out and there was an objective to find it but it did not make sense right at the start with no one to report to and no one would speak to me so I just killed the vicar


That website only gives the quest info, also unused quest info. So it’s rather useless to look at that.


I’ll let you know what happens when I report back


He’s not doing his job, when you tell him they’re heretics but not doing anything wrong he even says “Yeah, I don’t care, because of you saying this I can’t even murder them, I really wanted to. Asshole.”


I had no idea that this quest was timed. But I found out at the last 30 seconds, never spoke to the Bauers but was going to report it to the vicar to see if it would extend me time in the quest. it kept failing, so my only opportunity was to kill him. I did this by hiding in a house and making a miracle arrow shot through the door straight to his head. The guards had no idea where it came from, and I was able to report it to Hanush. Spoiler: Hanush won’t be pleased that the Vicar is dead; however. I just said he died and didn’t tell him what happened or elude that I did it.

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That’s what I just done so he don’t care


I’ve read 3 guides to this quest - playing 1.3 already, maybe you can help me. I’ve sided Father’s side, and want to listen to bauers prayers - however this always ends the whole vicar quest with failure. It’s been a few days since I’ve talked to father, but the game should’ve told me if I ran out of time, right? I’ve read you have to go the attic unnoticed - i’ve tried 5 times, only once there was a guy discovering me, I tried “wait” option and also waiting for real, but it always failed, not even telling me why. Could you please advise, or should this be reported as a bug? Also I assume persuading the Bauers is possible only after listening to their prayers, as I cannot speak to any member of their family. And there we have another glitch of the game - I had to kill them to see if they really are Mr and Mrs Bauer… without a corpse you don’t know who you see… confusing. Thanks for any support!


This is one of the quests with timer. Unfortunately the game will not tell you about it


This quest is broken AF.
I’ve tried to convince this stupid woman to flee but she refused. Well, it’s pretty weird because of my high dialogue skill, which is 20… FYI: Bard potion doesn’t help.
So i had to kill the vicar. And that’s how its ended. Shame


It’s a timed quest, you need to convince her as quick as possible, after the timer is over it’s impossible.


You just have to select the correct opton. Unfortunately the way behind cannot be seen before.


Jeez, this game is more annoying than I could imagine :triumph:


I wish I’d known this quest was timed. But it doesn’t make any sense. WHy does it time out while I’m waiting for the Bauers to start their prayers?


There’s a ladder behind Bauer house that leds to the attic. When you reach the attic (unoticed otherwise it doesn’t work) there should be the possibility to press the button to interact that starts time skipping till evening prayers. After the cutscene I was able to convince the woman to leave.


Not the Bauers are the problem. it’s the Vicar. I think the timer starts, when u get the quest to observe the Bauers. You have about 3 or 4 ingame days before the vicar takes them out.


I did that, but the quest fails sometime in that wait. I can only assume that I took too long getting to this point, but it’s a disappointing way to end a really enjoyable quest. If I’d known I only had 3 to 4 days I would have started the quest immediately. That vicar was a complete twat, I wanted to thwart his plans.


Oh!??? my quest timed out only hours after being given the quest to observe the Bauers. This doesn’t make any sense.


maybe the timer starts earlier. I got the quest in Rattay about seven days before i visited Úžice. Then i did this quest in one run.