Waldensian quest


So, i did not manage to persuade the Bauers, so my only options is to report them to the vicar…What should i do/say to persuade her?


In short. You can’t. What I did I waited till night time, murdered the Vicar, went to a bathouse for a wench (charisma bonus) and talked my way out of it when reporting the quest as complete.

Edit: I should say, I waited the he was alone in his room in the priest’s quarters. (He sleeps in the priest’s bed). It is not a private area, so you can wait in the foyer until he goes in. Wait for a few seconds for him to fall asleep, then go in there and slit his throat. Walk out and close the door behind you. If all goes well, you should be half way to Rattay by the time they find out - in my case I stayed because I was curious. They didn’t even blame me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mmmh…even with a properly high dialogue skill?

because according to this site you can actually convince her: https://guides4gamers.com/kingdom-come-deliverance/quest/waldensians/


I managed to convince them using the 3d option in the dialogue.

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Persuade her?? Let the heretic burn, it’s middle age!


So i turned in the waldensians quest, and sir hanush said “heres a token of my gratitude” or something like that. The only problem is i didnt get anything. Is that a bug?


I didn’t persuade them to leave either. I was impatient and murdered the Vicar during the (with the door shut). I was called out and i fled before getting caught.

When I reported back i got yelled at and told to get out. I’m sure another penalty is coming.


Am I the only one here that won’t kill the guy that’s just trying to do his job? She said she’d accept any punishment because she knew what she was doing was against the law of the land. I’m not saying the Vicar is a nice guy, but he’s definitely not evil for just following orders.


ur supposed to get a bit more than 2000 groschen
i think it was at least


I wonder what happens if something “accidently” Happens to the entire bauer family BEFORE i tell Vicar?


I might try that. I have two campaigns - a good one where henry is a good, lawabiding hero. And then there is the bad one, where henry is a murdering lunatic who kills everyon in sight at all times. Might try that - i completed the quest because I killed the vicar the before even talking to him - Hanush did say he wanted him ‘gone’ - not my fault he didn’t specify!

Edit: it’s worth noting that in my bad playthrough, i killed all the inn keepers and shop dealers i could. So i rely almost entirely on stolen equippement to get by (no more armourer and swordsmiths to buy stuff from). hahha. It actually makes for a very interesting gameplay - one rule: you must kill everybody that can die, at all time - save for those essential to the main campaign.

ps: i’m hated everywhere, i need to constantly fight and kill guards and people run away from me all the time. haha. but my bow aim is pretty decent. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ive gone on an Absolute massacare before reloading cause bugs drive me insane but I tried it nothing happens… You still tell the Viscar and he “interrogates them” whatever that means when they are are corpses…


At least that quest is bugged as well as any other wuest in this game, tryed to vait at atic of barn and my quest got cancelled, slpet during that quest and it got cancelled. I dont know if there is some timelimmit in somequests but it really sucks if its going down while you actually do fuckin quest.


its a time limit i just barely finished the quest at the last minute (if your speech isn’t 13 just murder Vicar and don’t try to worry about it I spent hours finding speech books and Bard potions to beat that shit)


Really frustrated with this quest. Went from thinking it was extremely cool to immersion killing. After all the investigating and riding back and forth i try to play the good guy by persuading the Bauers to leave. I get 4 speechcraft options, but since my speechcraft is “only” 11 none of them work. I tried killing the vicar but I get caught every time. Even though it’s not what my character would do, I guess I’ll have to go back to the vicar and report them. First time in the game I’ve felt like the mechanics are broken.


Lol i wonder if ill get back paid for the quest if it gets patched…


Just got the "happy end " of this quest. I think most of you complaining have a speech level between 9-11 by the time of this quest? (mine is 9)
Then use bard potion dudes! Buy one from alchemists or brew one by yourself following the recipe on wiki. I used bard potion to boost my speech level to 14, persuaded Mrs Bauer, and convinced Vicar to leave.
Alchemy saves the world.


Also, dont miss the chance of getting two full sets of good armors even if you dont want to kill people in this quest.
The two guards of the vicar - all dressed in good armor and jacket - slept in the small hut near the church. They wont lock the door at night, it’s not private area indoors, and all equipments are in the only chest with a easy lock.


Well, that only helps if you know you need one before you start the quest. It’s timed, so if you don’t already have a bard potion, you’re kind of screwed!


If you saves often then it’s not too late, I think the time limit only starts when Henry told Godwin the truth about Bauers. Saving potion is quite easy to brew when you learned alchemy (the ingredients are easy to come by ) , again alchemy saves the world!
What is frustrating to me is that the closest alchemy bench for this quest (in Uzhiziz forest) is bugged and would launch Henry into outer space when you use it. So I rode all the way back to Rattay to brew potion and rode back… Hope they fix that bug soon.
Also I didnt get any reward from Sir Hanush for doing everything exactly as told… Can I get those groschens after patch?:roll_eyes: