Walk speed and NPCs

My absolutely biggest pet peeve in gaming by far is having a faster walking speed than NPCs. This goes for both on foot and on horse, although for horse you’re also faster when cantering and when jogging on foot, but that’s not really an issue. Probably the only time you’ll ever just walk normally is when you follow NPCs during quests which makes it quite annoying that you either have to sidestep, stop every once in a while or alternatively just run around next to them instead of just being able to walk normally besides them. Having either NPC walk speed turned up or your own walk speed turned down won’t really impact the game much at all, but it would be damn nice.

So please Warhorse let us be able to walk alongside NPCs normally

You need to follow someone less then 10 times the whole game, so why bother?

At PC version i can hit shift lock for walk speed

Right, but even in this case your walk speed is faster than most NPCs. I would also prefer an optional “slow walk” trigger.

One answer can be, this is an effect of the armor weight. NPC’s doesnt using a real weight if they wear armors. I was not able to see that a heavy plate enemy is slower than a Light armor enemy. And to ensure a more syncronizated walk speed to NPC’s you are everytime faster with certain armors.
So wearing more and more heavier armor parts will decrease your walk speed and made it sync to all other Mobs!
And one idea behind that can be, no one thinks that a large number of players would be willing to put on and take off their clothes evertime.
The developers are aware of the accuracy of the players while enjoying the game, but it is not a standard to support such actions permanently and everywhere.